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January Session Update

Recently the 2015 General Assembly session gaveled into order, and I am proud to once again represent Alexandria here in Richmond, fighting for our values!

To start off the session, it was a pleasure to witness Governor McAuliffe give the State of the Commonwealth Address. He is working hard to accomplish every promise he made us when he asked for our vote. I am particularly excited about his commitment to workforce development—growing the economy and creating real opportunities for people. You can read about the New Virginia Economy Workforce Initiative here. I plan to support this kind of positive growth however I can.

This year, I have put forward a legislative agenda that focuses on keeping Virginia safe, promoting equality, and working to make voting more accessible. I have made a real effort to reach across the aisle, especially when working on legislation through my work on the Virginia State Crime Commission and the Governor’s Taskforce on Heroin and Prescription Medication.  You can view my full legislative agenda here, with some highlights below:

HB 1394 No Excuse In-Person Absentee Voting

Voting needs to be more accessible. When more people participate in democracy, we get more diverse representation, and everyone benefits. Removing obstacles for people to exercise their right to vote is key in moving democracy forward.

HB 1808 Comprehensive Missing Persons Reform Legislation

Working with my colleagues on the Virginia State Crime Commission, we have developed legislation that closes the gaps in our current system that allows us to search for missing persons. While we have strong systems in place for children and at-risk seniors, but fail to have those same systems in place for adults, including college students.

HB 1823 Equal Pay

Equal Pay for equal work is a basic tenant of equality. While stating an ideal is the first step in making for a more just society, the way in which we accomplish the goal takes time. As the narrowing of the collective gender wage gap stagnates in the Commonwealth, this bill would increase the total amount that a victim would find recoverable.

HB 1841 Prescription Monitoring Program

As a member of the Governor’s Taskforce on Heroin and Prescription Drugs, we are charged with working on combating the massive increases in deaths caused by these drugs, in which heroin deaths have more than doubled in Virginia between 2011 and 2013. This legislation will make sure that in addition to prescribers, all dispensers will be using this program as well.


Thank you for following what is going on in Richmond! If there is anything my office can do to help you, please do not hesitate to reach out. My staff can be reached at 703-606-9705 or

All the Best!